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Cayman vb dark Theme


cayman vb dark is an adaptation of the Cayman Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages.

You can preview the theme at

This uses Dark Reader as a base for the theme, and makes some much-needed tweaks to make the colors more cohesive.


To use the Cayman-Dark theme with Github Pages, add the following to your site’s _config.yml:

remote_theme: oSoWoSo/cayman-vb-dark

Original Theme

You can learn more about the underlying theme at

Cayman-Dark is a fork of Cayman thus inherits its functionality. An example is shown below but there is more information at the Cayman repository (see above)

Configuration variables

Cayman will respect the following variables, if set in your site’s _config.yml:

title: [The title of your site]
description: [A short description of your site's purpose]

Additionally, you may choose to set the following optional variables:

show_downloads: ["true" or "false" to indicate whether to provide a download URL]
google_analytics: [Your Google Analytics tracking ID]


A list of changes I have made from the original theme due to my own personal preference

builded with jekyll